24 July 2020

Aion 7.5 housing sound fix (updated: 30 Jule 2020)

After 7.5 update most of us who playing on NA servers noticed that bug with sound in our houses. I'm not sure about others servers in EU, RU (same bug, confirmed. Fix works) and KR, perhaps they were more lucky. But if you have same bug, you can try my fix.

Update (27 Jule 2020): volumes of piano(+1dB) and violin(+5dB) were adjusted.
Update (30 Jule 2020): guitar was changed.

You can download fix here. Put "housing.pak" into "Aion's game folder/Sounds/housing/" and rewrite original. After each weekly update you will need to repeat it again . Instead of accordion I'm used violin, it's sounds much better on my opinion.
When first version of housing.pak with violin was ready and I checked it in game... my reaction was "Serously?! Are you kidding me?!". Violin in game sounded so quiet and piano was so loud, it's was almost impossible to hear violin properly. As result I was forced to adjust volumes of piano and violin, making piano much quieter and violin louder. It's made total volume a bit quieter.
I'll not put how scripts sounded after 7.5 with bug, you all know it's was awful, but let's compare how old scripts sounded before and how sounds same scripts with fix now (on video first published version):

Ragnarok Online - Labyrinth (before):

Ragnarok Online - Labyrinth (now):

Tree of Savior - Milden Miles (before):

Tree of Savior - Milden Miles (now):

Updated scripts for MusPlayer: Ragnarok Online - Labyrinth and Tree of Savior - Milden Miles (for MusPlayer).zip

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